OBD Voice Calls

OBD Voice Calls Services in Calicut , Kerala

Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated phone call that essentially relays a pre-recorded voice message to the customer. It can be sent to an end number of users at any given point of time in the language of choice.

Bulk voice calls can be used for other purposes as well, like political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, EMI alerts, medicine reminders and so on. Bulk Voice SMS are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country. 

OBD Voice Calls Services in Calicut, Kerala: Transforming Communication

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How Does Bulk OBD Work?

  • An audio message is recorded and a list is created which consists of the names and numbers of customers. Both of these are uploaded in the system.
  • The system automatically extracts these numbers from the system and calls each of these and plays the recorded audio file.
  • Once the calls get connected, an appropriate status gets updated in the system.
  • For the calls which are not connected, calls are made again on the specified time and date.
  • The system itself maintains reports for the following:
    • Unattended calls
    • Total calls
    • Successful/failed calls
    • Calls duration of each call connected
    • Details of what each customer has given forward during the call(DTMF Input)
    • The Particular date and time when the calls were made to the customers.